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Tourism information

The daily updated website of the City of Bruge  helps you preparing your stay in Brugge.
Click here and decide what you  wil do during your stay.

Exploring Bruges

(Guided) Tours: 2 wheels, minibus, horse-drawn carriage, boat, bicycle carriages, on foot, air-balloon.

Eat and drink

Nice bars with thousands of beers, nice restaurants, belgian fries?
Breakfast and Lunch - Restaurants - City breweries - Bars and pubs


Visit Flanders Fields (First  World  War) or explore the region around Brugge.
Flanders Fields & Belgian Delights

Local Love Shopping

Don't miss out on a visit to these shops! Discover here a great selection of authentic addresses beyond the well-trodden paths where locals enjoy visiting often. These range from established speciality businesses which have been run by passionate, local entrepreneurs for at least 5 years to original, creative Bruges makers.  And don't forget to surprise your friends back home with an original or handmade gift!